Vesicotonia is characterized by its superior bladder (kidney) and inferior stomach (pancreas). This constitution is also recognized for having a relatively strong gall bladder and considerably weak large intestine (lung).
Vesicotonias are gentle, collected, cool, and realistic. Because they are reserved and patient, they are good listeners. Thus, Vesicotonias tend to be profound candidates for work, which requires patience, few mistakes, attentiveness to detail, and sensitivity. When ill, they can grow greedy, negative, cold, stubborn, suspicious and close- minded easily.
Consumption of cold foods or drinks will further weaken the naturally weak stomach, causing diseases that are difficult to treat. During summers, when cold food is often preferred, Vesicotonias tend to be prone to illnesses; warm foods and beverages, light eating throughout the day, and infrequent perspiration will permit good health.
Vesicotonia Regimen

If you have food cold in temperature as well as quality, your cold stomach will become colder and lead you to unhealthy and anxious states, eventually to gastroptosis. Therefore, your first health principle should be light eating and eating warm food.

Barley, Red beans, Cucumber, Pork, Eggs, Swellfish, All kinds of shellfishes, Persimmon, Melons, Banana, Strawberry, Grapes(Wine), Beer, Chocolate, Aloe vera, Ice, All types of cold beverages and foods, Vitamin E. Alkaline Beverages Mercury, Smoking cigarette, Hot bath(Sauna)

Sweet / Brown rice, Potato, Corn, Sesame oil, Seaweeds, Chicken and Poultry, Lamb, Red and black pepper, Mustard, Cinnamon, Curry, Green onion, Ginger, Apple, Orange/Citrus, Tomato, Mango, Ginseng, Dates, Honey, Vitamin B group